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4G Routers for Business and M2M Applications

Do you need the latest CAT6 Advanced LTE 4G Routers that deliver outstanding 4G connectivity combined with 802.11AC WiFi for super fast 4G WiFi Hotspot for your M2M, CCTV, Digital Signage or remote monitoring and management application?

At the 4G Router store we stock Proroute, Billion, Cradlepoint, Speedroute and Huawei LTE 4G Routers so you can get next working day delivery to mainland UK for orders received by 3:00PM.

We keep large stocks of 4G Routers and antennas and ship directly from our own warehouse so you know that you know you will receive delivery tomorrow if you place your order by 3:00PM today.

Our Industrial Proroute M2M 4G Routers provide reliable, high speed 4G mobile Internet connectivity and inlcude features like Ping Reboot to automatically reboot the router when it gets disconnected by the mobile network saving you expensive and time consuming visits to site to reboot your router.

We also offer Fixed IP SIM Cards that provide your 3G/4G router with a fixed, Public IP address for simple and convenient remote access - ideal for 4G CCTV connectivity or any other application that needs access to your devices remotely with the convenience of mobile broadband.


In situations where your 4G Router is located in a position with a poor mobile network signal you can consider the option of connecting an alternative 4G Antenna to your router.

The optional LTE 4G Antenna should be located in a position where there is a good or strong 3G / 4G network signal and this stronger signal is then delivered along the antenna cable to the router.

The 3G / 4G Antennas are not Booster antennas and you would need to select a suitable antenna for the particular installation. For example if the router is located indoors where there is a poor signal or no 4G signal, but there is a good 3G/4G signal outdoors - you would use an outdoor 4G antenna located in a position where there is a strong signal and connect this to the router. Try to keep the antenna cable as short as possible. If possible try to locate the 4G Router where there is a strong signal and connect to your network with a longer CAT5e Ethernet Cable.

Another instance of using an alternative 4G antenna would be if the 4G Router was mounted inside a metal cabinet which blocked the 3G/4G signal, however, the room that the cabinet was located inside has a reasonable signal then you could use a Magnetic Mount Antenna on top of the cabinet to receive the 3G/4G signal inside the room and deliver this along the cable to router router installed inside the metal cabinet or enclosure.


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