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4G Router For Bridge Mode

Using a 4G Router In Bridge Mode

If you need a reliable M2M 4G Router to connect to the WAN port of your firewall or load balancing device and need the IP address of the 4G connection to be passed directly through to the Firewall utilising bridge mode then we recommend the proroute GEM420 4G router which can provide this service.

In order to fully utilise bridge mode functionality you will need to use a Fixed IP SIM card with the Proroute GEM420 4G Router so that the 4G connection has a fixed, public IP address that can be passed through to the WAN port of the firewall.

Bridge Mode is also known as pass-through or IP passthroug mode.

Here is a video that shows the GEM420 being configured for bridge mode.

Amit IDG761

Amit IDG761

179.00 each (Ex VAT at 20%) 


Ref: IDG761-0T001

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