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Amit IDG761

Amit IDG761
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Ref: IDG761-0T001

179.00 each (Ex VAT at 20%) 

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Amit IDG761 is a high quaility Dual SIM 4G Router providing a reliable 4G connection for M2M remote management and monitoring. The IDG761 has two SIM card slots, with one embedded 4G modem, whch means that it will provide a single 4G Mobile Broadband Internet Connection using one of the SIM cards, but has the ability to switch to the backup SIM card / mobile network in the event that the primary Internet connection is lost thus providing extra 4G mobile network connectivity resilience. As well as the dual SIm failover feature, the Amit IDG761 inlcudes ping reboot feature to monitor the connection and when it gets dropps by the mobile network can reboot the router to re-establish the connection. It also has timed reboot and SMS reboot. All of these features are designed to ensure that the router does everything it can to provide a reliable mobile connection which is important for M2M installations for remote monitoring to eliminate the need for costly downtime and site visits to power cycle the router. These features are why companies use M2M type routers for remote management and monitoring.

As well as the 4g connection resilience options, the Amit IDG761 also provides a secure solution with advanced firewall and stealth mode which is important when using Fixed IP SIM cards, especially Fixed IP SIM cards witha public IP address and of course the IDG761 provides all the usual features for this type of router inclucing VPN and port forwarding etc.

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