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Antenna Extension Cable - 10m long - SMA Male to SMA Female

Antenna Extension Cable - 10m long - SMA Male to SMA Female


30.00 each (Ex VAT at 20%) 

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Extend the cable length of your 3G/4G Antenna with this pre-terminated antenna extension cable. It is 10m long and has SMA Female at one end (this is the end that you connect to the SMA Male connector that comes with your antenna) and the other end of this antenna extension cable is SMA Male which will connect to the antenna port of your 3G/4G Router.

Please note that some antennas such as the Fullband FBXPMIMO and the Fullband MIMORAD antenna are supplied with 2 x antenna cables so if you are using this type of antenna (or similar) that has two antenna connections then please remember to purchase 2 x antenna extension cables.

Please try and keep the total antenna cable length as short as possible - on average you will lose 0.5dBm per metre of cable - the maximum cable length will depend upon the strength of the signal at the antenna location. If you have a very good / excellent signal strength then you can have a longer cable, however if your antenna is installed in a position with medium or poor signal strength then you should keep your antenna cable length shorter - if possible move the router closer to the antenna and use an Ethernet cable to connect to the router to your LAN.

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