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EE Fixed IP SIM Cards - 3G

M2M Data SIM with Fixed IP Address on EE 3G Network

Use our EE 3G SIM Card in your 3G Router to provide a mobile broadband Internet service with a fixed, public IP address. This means that you will have a router, with an internet connection with an IP address so you can remotely access your router and connected devices from anywhere on the Internet.

Ideal for applications such as Time Lapse Video, CCTV, Wind and Solar Energy monitoring, Advertising Screens (Digital Signage / Remote Media) and Building Management systems. In fact any application that needs easy remote access over the Internet can use a 3G router combined with our EE 3G Fixed IP SIM Card to provide a quick, simple and reliable solution for remote management and monitoring.

EE 3G Fixed IP SIM Card Pricing

EE Everything Everywhere (T-Mobile / Orange) Fixed IP SIM Card - 12 month contract

1 GB Inclusive Data - £23.00 per month rental
2 GB Inclusive Data - £26.00 per month rental
5 GB Inclusive Data - £34.00 per month rental
8 GB Inclusive Data - £36.00 per month rental
10 GB Inclusive Data - £42.00 per month rental

SMS text messages are available on all 3G Fixed IP SIM Cards and the charge is 7 pence per SMS.

Out of bundle data usage charges - £14.00 per GB pro rata charged per byte.

Fixed IP SIM Card Monitoring Portal

This service provides the user with access to a data usage monitoring portal so you can monitor your SIM card data usage. this billing platform access is FREE OF CHARGE

Payment Terms

Payment is via monthly direct debit. Please contact us if you want to discuss different payment terms eg. payment of rentals annually in advance.

Ordering your Fixed IP SIM Cards.

To order your Fixed IP SIM cards please call us on 0800 508 8366 or e-mail us with your requirements sales@4grouter.co.uk.

We will then e-mail the relevant contract for you to complete and return. Once we receive the completed contract it will be processed by the network and once approved your SIM card will be dispatched.

Delivery time is usually 1-2 working days from receipt of completed contract and direct debit mandate.

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