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RUT950 Dual SIM 4G



The Teltonika RUT950 4G Router is a great value embedded 4G Router with SIM Card Slot so you can insert your 4G SIM Card and get connected to high speed 4G mobile broadband within minutes.

The RUT950 includes 3 x 10/100 Ethernet LAN Ports for wired network connectivity as well as 8022.11n WiFi wireless connectivity to create a 4G wireless hotspot for connection of wireless devices.

Dual SIM card slots in the RUT950 mean that when it is used for an M2M remote monitoring and management application the reouter can fail over to a backup network in the event that the primary network is unavailable. The RUT950 also inlcudes other SIM failover options inlcuding failover based upon amount of data used, however the Manufacturer does not take any responsibility for any data overuse as a result of this option not correctly working and neither do we. We do not usually offer the Teltonika RUT950 to customers that need the router to switch between SIM cards based upon data usage becuase there are no guarantees that it will work correctly and may result in high data charges.

Using the RUT950 with Fixed IP SIM Cards

The best way to provide a reliable and easy to use remote management and monitoring solution is to use the Teltonika RUT950 router with a Fixed IP SIM card.

This means that your Teltonika router has a 3G or 4G connection providing internet connectivity with a fixed, public IP address so you can remoltely connect to the RUT950 and use the port forwarding feature to connect to your devices on the LAN.

If you are not using a Fixed IP SIM card then you will need to ensure that your chosen mobile network provider will allocate your 3G/4G connection with a public IP address. Using unsuitable SIM cards directly sourced from the mobile networks is the number one issue reported when users are trying to use the port forwarding feature of the RUT950 and it is becuase the standard network SIM card only provides the connection with a private IP address so you can't connect to the router over the internet, which of course means that port forwarding does not work.

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