The Benefits of Fixed IP SIM Cards

A Fixed IP SIM Card with a public IP address can be used in conjunction with a 4G router to provide a high speed 4G mobile broadband Internet connection with a fixed, public IP address.  This means that you can connect directly to your 4G Router from anywhere on the Internet and can configure router features like port forwarding to connect to the devices connected to the router.  For example, you can connect a CCTV NVR device to the 4G router and use port forwarding to access the CCTV NVR using the public IP address of the router and the corresponding port.

Using Fixed IP SIM Cards with a mobile broadband router is a very common way of providing internet connectivity for M2M remote monitoring and management applications.


We have several fixed IP sim card data plans available and each plan will depend upon your choice of mobile network and how much inclusive data you need each month.  Our Fixed IP SIM Cards are available on Vodafone, O2, EE and 3 Mobile networks in the UK and we can also supply roaming Fixed IP SIM Cards which can connect to any of the UK networks.

We offer multiple data plans so whether you just need a small amount of data, perhaps for a temperature monitor or a much larger amount of data for viewing CCTV equipment regularly then we will have a fixed IP sim data plan to suit.

Our SIM cards come with a fixed, public IP address which means that your router will be accessible directly from the internet so please ensure that you understand and configure all the necessary security features on your 4G router and any connected devices to prevent unauthorised access to the router or equipment.

How Can we provide a Fixed IP SIM Card when the mobile networks don't offer this service?

The Fixed IP / Public IP service is provided by an MVNO (Mobile Virtual Network Operator) who invest in the equipment, network and skilled staff to integrate their front end network offering with the mobile networks.

You have probably heard of other MVNO companies like Tesco Mobile and Virgin Mobile who offer a mobile phone service but did not invest billions of pounds in licenses and building a mobile network – so an MVNO that offers a Fixed IP SIM card service like ours has links into the mobile networks and can then add valuable services with their own infrastructure and that is how, as an MVNO, Fixed IP SIM card services are available using all the UK mobile networks.

Why Can't I Use A Standard Mobile Data SIM card?

A standard mobile network SIM card will use CGNAT (Carrier Grade NAT) and will only allocate your 3G or 4G connection with a PRIVATE IP Address on the mobile networks private network. This means you will not be able to connect to your 3G/4G router which of course means that things like Dynamic DNS will not work, neither will router functions like port forwarding.

It is because standard mobile data SIM cards work this way and do not provide a means to remotely access your router that specialist service providers have been established to provide Fixed IP SIM Cards.

UK & EU Roaming Fixed IP SIM Cards

UK & EU Roaming M2M Data SIM Cards with Public Fixed IP Address.

We offer Fixed IP SIM Cards for Roaming across all 4 UK networks and selected networks in every European country. Various monthly rental plans, see below for details.

4G Fixed IP SIM Cards

4G M2M Data SIM Cards with Public Fixed IP Address.

We offer 4G Fixed IP SIM Cards for O2, Vodafone, 3 Mobile and EE networks. Various monthly rental plans, see below for details.

4G Fixed IP SIM Cards Tariffs


These Fixed IP SIM cards offer a high speed 4G mobile broadband connection with a PUBLIC IP address that is fixed. This enables users to insert the 4G Fixed IP SIM card into a 4G router and remotely connect to the router using the static IP address. This means that when used with an M2M 4G Router the user can remotely access the router over the 4G network because the router will then have a static IP address accessible via the internet and by using port forwarding the user can then access devices on the LAN such as CCTV equipment.

UK & EU Roaming Fixed IP SIM Cards Tariffs

These Fixed IP SIMs will work with our range of IoT 4G/5G Routers and provide a static public IP address to enable simple and reliable remote access to the 4G router and the connected devices.

By using a Fixed IP SIM card with an M2M router you can easily connect to the router and using port forwarding connect to your devices on the LAN side of the router. This makes the combination of a 3G router or 4G router and Fixed IP SIM ideal for many applications including CCTV, Digital Signage / Remote Media and any other M2M application for remote monitoring and management of equipment over the mobile broadband network.

All of our Fixed IP SIM cards have a public fixed IP address which means you can connect to it directly over the internet without first having to create a VPN making them easy to use and provide access from anywhere on the Internet. We also provide VPN type solutions where you still get Fixed IP addresses for your SIM cards but they are on a private network which you need to connect to using a VPN connection. These have a lower cost per SIM, but there are extra charges for the main VPN link so these are better suited to users that have a larger number of SIM cards.