Mobile Coverage Checkers


Each of the mobile Networks have online mobile coverage maps showing what your 2G / 3G / 4G / 5G coverage is likely to be in your location. Simply put your postcode into the mobiel coverage tool you are planning on using and you will see a map detailing coverage for that location. You can see what outdoor and indoor signal you are likely to receive on your mobile router or phone.

If it is possible we strongly reccomend you carry out a site survey before installing to make sure you have the correct network sim card for the location. You can do this with the CS2389 Signal Analyser.


Vodafone Coverage Checker


O2 Coverage Checker


EE Coverage Checker


Three Coverage Checker


There are other coverage checkers available too such as Ofcom and Mastdata. Ofcom mobile coverage checker is free to use. Mastdata requires your to create an account.


Ofcom sitefinder website – Ofcom signal checker

Mastdata – Mastdata webpage


See the 4G Signal tester which is a brilliant tool to find precise signal readings in any location you need to install 3G or 4G routers. The CS2389 Signal analyser shows signal strength, signal quality for all the networks that are available in the location you are testing. You can also attach your external antenna. The CS2389 also carries out WiFi surveys.

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