Proroute 4G Routers

Proroute H Series 4G routers and Speedroute CAT6 4G Routers provide reliable high speed LTE 4G Internet connectivity for remote management and monitoring M2M Applications such as CCTV, Digital Signage, Energy Monitoring and Building Management.

The majority of remote access applications can be serviced with the compact, single SIM, H685 embedded 4G router and for users that require a dual SIM router the Proroute H750 range can provide the extra SIM failover resilience and if higher speed CAT6 4G modems or higher speed WiFi is required the Speedroute version include 80211ac dual band WiFi and CAT6 4G Modems to ensure the best possible 4G connection speed and the H700TT is the top of the range dual modem 4G router enabling two simultaneous 4G connections.

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