Panorama DWMM4-6-60-5SP Omni-Directional 4×4 MiMo 4G/5G Antenna 7dBi Peak Gain

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Panorama DWMM4-6-60 MiMo 5G Antenna (4×4 MIMO)

This product is the DWMM4-6-60-5SP variant and is supplied pre-terminated with 4 x 5m long, low loss, flame retardant cables with SMA Male antenna connectors that will screw directly into the 4×4 MiMo antenna ports of a suitable 5G router.

This antenna is supplied pre-terminated with 4 x 5m long cables terminated with SMA Male connectors which are suitable for connection to the majority of industrial 5G routers such as the Teltonika RUTX50, Proroute H685 5G Router and Robustel R5020.  Many consumer or office 5G routers such as the Zyxel Nebula FWA510 will have TS9 antenna connectors so you may need to purchase TS9 to SMA adapters.


DWWM4-6-60-5SP Omni Directional 5G Antenna from Panorama, a leading 4G and 5G antenna manufacturer.

This high gain, omni directional MiMo 5G antenna provides one of the best solutions for an alternative 5G antenna for 5G routers with 4×4 MiMo connectivity.

The Panorama DWWM4-6-60-5SP 4×4 MiMo 5G antenna works on all 4G and 5G cellular network frequencies and is omni directional so can be used both indoors and outdoors.  We simply love this antenna.

The DWMM4-6-60 Antenna Provides a 4×4 MiMo Solution for Global 4G/5G Networks from 617-6000MHz.

Incorporating four separately fed ultra wideband elements in a single housing the Panorama DWMM4[G] is suitable for a huge range of fixed site and failover applications. The supplied mounting bracket enables simple wall mounting using the supplied screws and wall plugs and mast mounting using the supplied clamps.

The Panorama DWMM4-6-60-5SP 5G antenna can also be mounted with screws directly to non-conductive panels or internal walls or stood on a desk using supplied mounting feet. The omnidirectional radiation pattern allows easy placement of the antenna without requiring directional alignment.

The antenna is fitted with an integrated flame retardant CS32 cable (FR CS29 for GPS/GNSS) which minimises exposed connector joints and simplifies cable management for easy installation. and the model that we stock is the DWMM4-6-60-5SP which is pre-terminated with 4 x 5m long cables with SMA male connectors to screw directly to the majority of our 4×4 MiMo 5G routers such as the Proroute H685 5G Router and the RAPID NR550 5G Router.

DWMM4-6-60 Specification

Electrical Data
Typical VSWR<2.5:1
Peak Gain (dBi)7dBi
Max Input Power (W)10
Global Positioning Data
Frequency Range (MHz)617-960 / 1427-6000
Mechanical Data
Available ColoursWhite
Length (mm)371 (14.6”)
Height (mm)221 (8.7”)
Operating Temperature-40° / +85°C ( -40° / 185°F )
Mounting Data
Mounting TypeWall, Mast, Desk Mount
Approvals Data
IP RatingIP66



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